Welcome to my daily painting blog.

I create one new small work every few days. Most are done from life and reflect pleasant childhood memories of Michigan's rural beauty.
Have fun!

Thursday, August 30

Evening Rain

Daily painting #38
2"x3" oil on masonite panel
$85 plus $5 shipping

I keep a few of these smallest panels handy for warm-up sessions. I currently have four larger works in progress, but I sometimes need to loosen up my brush strokes before working on those.

Wednesday, August 22

ANNA; finished!

private collection
There comes a time when an artist knows that to add just one more brush stroke will kill a painting. For "Anna", that time is now. What made me decide this? First, I couldn't think where to continue. That's usually the first indication that one should stop. The second, and most compelling reason is that three people who know Anna, gasped upon seeing the painting as it sat drying on the easel and said, "Is that Anna _____!?" Now I could paint in the gingham pattern in her dress, but I sense that it would distract from her sweet face. I think that simplicity serves this subject best.
So here's Anna, the girl who is always in one of three states; on the go, poised to go, or (as in this painting), having paused for a nano-second from being on the go!

Tuesday, August 21

Work In Progress (not yet titled)

This was started with a reference photo from the same shoot as the three little girls. The model is Sarah's little brother, James. After Norman Rockwell fashion, I wanted to use the exaggerated gesture. IBut I didn't have to exaggerate. James was walking goofy, and we caught it on film. It seemed to shout, 'little boy teasing big sister'. If you have any suggestions for a title, please comment. Again, the goal is not a perfect likeness of the boy, but telling a story with paint.

Monday, August 20

Work In Progress (New Red Dress)

I have been working on a series of child portraits for the last week and a half. You can view the sketches that they are from at Paily Painting Watcher. These will all be rather small; 8 x 10" mostly. I like to tell a story with my models. The exuberant hug and the pretty dress suggested a story of a little girl's gratitude for her new home-sewn dress. Working this small presents some challenges. Getting a likeness on a head that measures one inch square is tricky to say the least. Most portrait artists I know work life size for this reason. But here, I am trying to force myself to simplify, and an exact likeness is not the main goal. The work is more illustration than portraiture. Keep watching. I'll have it done soon.

Tuesday, August 14

A visitor most welcome

daily painting #37
3x3" oil on gessoed masonite unframed

My Dad and one of my sisters live right next door to one another, in Kingsport, Tennessee. I had the pleasure last week of rising early each morning and watching six hummingbirds feed at a flaming Mimosa tree which grew at the common fence which separated the two yards. Obviously, I could not work from life this time. The tiny visitors flitted too fast to capture. I had to use a combination of quick sketches, photo references, and my previous knowledge of hummingbirds. They feed about 4-5 times every hour of daylight. These appeared to be of the ruby-throated variety, but I couldn't get close enough to tell for certain. Next time I go, I plan to take a better camera with a quick zoom...and of course my field glasses.

Monday, August 13

Stormy Feather

daily painting #36
3x2" oil on gessoed masonite
$85, $5 shipping

I found this feather on the ground beneath a tree in Kingsport Tennessee where I was visiting my 90 yr. old Dad. The feather is scarcely an inch and a half long, and appears to be from a wing. Please contact me if you think you know what kind of bird it might be from.
The title comes from a naming contest I ran. Kim Brown of Michigan supplied the winning entry. Thanks Kim!