Welcome to my daily painting blog.

I create one new small work every few days. Most are done from life and reflect pleasant childhood memories of Michigan's rural beauty.
Have fun!

Friday, March 5

Nite Light

6"x6" Oil on gessoed hardboard.
I have been toying for some time with the thought of offering my work as a combination of image and story.

A neighbor had a yard light that could be seen from far away. Its glow guided them to the barn to tend the horses in the early morning and late at night. I sometimes climbed out my bedroom window and stole across to their yard to watch the sparkling snowflakes that drifted down lazily in the cast light. I was mesmerized by them as one might be fascinated watching the flames lick at wood in a fireplace. Sometimes, when it was cold enough, the icy flakes would become tiny round mirrors that reflected the color of the barn and my mittens. I could raise my mittened hand on nights like this, and the flakes near it would turn bright red. Then they would go from pink to soft blue-violet as I slowly lowered my hand. When I would get too cold to enjoy the show, I would sneak into the barn to watch from a window. I'm sure they knew from the footprints that it was I who haunted their premises. If they did, they never gave away my secret. Thank you Bruce and Sue Roberts. What a delightful gift you gave me in that!

Contact me at 313-581-1342 if you are interested in purchasing this work.

Thursday, March 4

Cling to the Promise

3" x 3" Oil on gessoed masonite.
This post is dedicated to a very dear friend.

When the cares we face seem to pile up like a perpetual snowfall . . . when each step forward we take seems to be countered by some past mistake so that we feel we are struggling uphill through knee-deep snow. . . when feelings of failure overwhelm and our very breathing is a chore . . . this is when we must remember that God's promise of forgiveness and restoration is like the promise of spring; the new growth that follows the hardships of winter and the first tender shoots that herald a rich harvest. This is faith. This is the hope we cling to; that no matter how badly we think we may have messed up, God promises to restore fellowship with Himself and with each other. So we cling to the memory and promise of budding life even while we struggle uphill in the barren snow.

This painting is not for sale.