Welcome to my daily painting blog.

I create one new small work every few days. Most are done from life and reflect pleasant childhood memories of Michigan's rural beauty.
Have fun!

Tuesday, September 16

"Cornflower and Queen Anne's Lace" 6 1/8 x 1 1/2" oil on 3/4" hardboard. $45

I loved getting in the car. It almost always meant fishing or picking berries if Dad was driving. The trip there was as much a part of the adventure as the expidition itself. I know they're only weeds, but cornflowers and Queen Anne's lace were two of my favorite sights along the road. I grew up in that netherworld between "children are to be seen and not heard," and "children are smarter than adults." This meant that I practiced long stretches of contemplative silence punctuated by brief periods of excited chatter. Both enriched me. Had I spent all of my time engaged in chatter, I would have missed the simple beauty growing along the way. Had I no chance to speak, I would have missed the opportunity to ask about what I saw.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Jan....I absolutely love this! I can almost smell the wind from behind the old corn crib. It's moving!

Jan Dale said...

Thank you. That makes me think I ought to develop it into a larger work.

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LSaeta said...

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