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I create one new small work every few days. Most are done from life and reflect pleasant childhood memories of Michigan's rural beauty.
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Friday, March 5

Nite Light

6"x6" Oil on gessoed hardboard.
I have been toying for some time with the thought of offering my work as a combination of image and story.

A neighbor had a yard light that could be seen from far away. Its glow guided them to the barn to tend the horses in the early morning and late at night. I sometimes climbed out my bedroom window and stole across to their yard to watch the sparkling snowflakes that drifted down lazily in the cast light. I was mesmerized by them as one might be fascinated watching the flames lick at wood in a fireplace. Sometimes, when it was cold enough, the icy flakes would become tiny round mirrors that reflected the color of the barn and my mittens. I could raise my mittened hand on nights like this, and the flakes near it would turn bright red. Then they would go from pink to soft blue-violet as I slowly lowered my hand. When I would get too cold to enjoy the show, I would sneak into the barn to watch from a window. I'm sure they knew from the footprints that it was I who haunted their premises. If they did, they never gave away my secret. Thank you Bruce and Sue Roberts. What a delightful gift you gave me in that!

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